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Surgery Boards/Tables

  • Gaymar T Pump for the Heated Mini Downdraft Table

    An adapted version of the above using the Gaymar T Pump to re-circulate heated water through the pad. Provides background heating for animals during surgery.


    The T Pump features a dual temperature set-point scale and dependable thermistor actuated temperature controls, which allow the T/Pump to quickly set and maintain temperatures from 30°C to 42°C with ± 2°C at 42°F accuracy. For patient safety, dual backup thermostats prevent overheating. The T/pump system also features timesaving controls and advanced security features such as key-operated controls; an illuminated off/on switch; leak proof connections; secure hose attachments; and a water level window.

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  • Heated Mini Operating Table

    The surgery table is an attractive durable table useful for surgery, perfusion or autopsy on small animals. The top is 32 x 22cm and has slots to accommodate an assortment of accessories (included).


    Base is metal with non-slip feet. Several accessories, all of stainless steel, may be used to secure the animal to the table, retract tissue, etc. These include: vertical rods that install in the table slots and support bossheads that hold a horizontal rod, clamps that grip the rods or the table edge and anchor a chain, and 15cm lengths of chain with either alligator clips or 5cm lengths of wire on the end.

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  • Mini Downdraft Table

    A valuable addition to any anaesthetic circuit to further maximize the scavenging effect during procedure. Manufactured from solid 25mm Perspex


    • Easily connected to any Active Scavenging type system.


    • Any excess anaesthetic gas is scavenging through the table.


    • Easily disassembled for cleaning.


    • Supplied with Adaptor for Size 1 Mask. (other sizes available).

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  • Multifunction Precision Surgical Board

    The Multifunction Precision Surgical Board, uniquely designed with
    the guide of medical experts, is the most practical and capable surgical
    device available.


    • Designed with slots, for holding ball chain
    • The perimeter slots insert into the microdriver to connect to animal limbs or tissue with the help of various accessories. It will secure the Ball Chain Retractors, offering retraction and place fixing in every direction.
    • The unique ball chain microdriver can regulate surgical tissue force conveniently and precisely.Different accessories handle tissue retraction and special surgical needs.
    • Rodent plate made of Polyester fibreglass, with the features of smooth surface, no dead space, easy to clean and sterilise, acid proof and alkali proof.
    • A drainage hole convenient for animal perfusion and fixing holes on the Four corners of the rodent plate and four stainless steel poles for extended   surgery.
    • The base plate is 372mm x 276mm and recess inside structure in the middle of the plate which is easy to hold the animal firmly.
    • The slots are bidirectional alignment vertical and horizontal with increments in 0.5mm as microdriver rotating in a circle.
    • Equipped with various accessories to achieve surgical operations such as place positioning, skin retraction, bone and muscle surgery, etc.
    • With optional multi-direction lifting and tilting stand, you can choose ventral / dorsal and anterior/posterior travel of 20° ,40° ,60° tilt; stand lifting adjustment ranges 150-200mm.
    • With optional constant temperature heating device, ensures the temperature of the plate surface at 45 °. It keeps the animal surgery body temperature stable and also avoids injuries from excessive heating.
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  • S/Steel Surgery Table

    Quality S/Steel centre column surgery table with optional electric/hydraulic height adjust fully tiltable with side tie down bars! Optional surface heating available.


    Note: Table shown with additional specialty order, custom outer downdraft attachment. ASCSSDD-TA

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  • Small Animal Self-Contained Downdraft Surgery Table

    High quality stainless steel mobile self-contained downdraft surgery table with active carbon filters for filtering anethesia gases. A FRC-4 filter design specifically for use with formaldehyde is included.


    Has in-built fan unit with variable speed and can be optionally fitted with HEPA filters, GPO outlets, wheels and halogen gooseneck light. Has fold down end tables 315Lmm. Comes ready for plug and use with comprehensive 1 year warranty. 


    Overall dimensions with extended tables: 1335L x 865D x 762Hmm.

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  • Surgery Boards

    Plastic Rodent Surgery Board 
    Rodent up to 230mm Long

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  • Surgery Boards

     Plastic Rodent Surgery Board 
    Rodent up to 305mm Long

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  • Surgery Boards

    Plastic Rodent Surgery Board
    Animal up to 4kg

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  • V-Top Surgery Table

     V-Top Hydraulic Column  
     AS100-4041-21  1270mm Heated
     AS100-4041-00  1270mm Non-Heated
     AS100-4071-21  1524mm Heated
     AS100-4071-00 1524 Non-Heated


     V-Top Electric Column  
     AS100-3041-21  1270mm Heated
     AS100-3041-01  1270mm Non-Heated
     AS100-3071-21  1524mm Heated
     AS100-3071-01  1524 Non-Heated


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