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Specialist Workstations

  • 36 Series

    • The 36-72-S downdraft table is a mid size table shown here with push-button height adjustment and a swivel type surgical light


    • 813 wide x 1169 downdraft work area on standard models


    • Spray gun, flush manifold, sink with hot/cold water faucet standard


    • 152 x 813 duct connection standard 


    Overall dimensions: 915(W) x 1830(L) x 940(H)mm work surface

    (762 to 965 with height adjustment option)

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  • Anatomy Tables

    • The 32-86 downdraft anatomy table is designed for anatomy dissection procedures and for cadaver storage


    • The table includes (2) hinged covers that fold away when the table is in use. Heavy duty stainless steel construction


    • 660 x 2083 removable work surface tray


    • Perimeter downdraft ventilation


    • Book holder and collection drain bucket options available


    Overall dimensions: 813(W) x 2185 (L) x 915 (H)mm work surface

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  • Conveyor Automatic Bedding Dispenser

    • The BD-3600 Automatic Bedding Dispenser is a conveyorized system designed to dispense bedding into rodent cages as they pass through the unit. The unit is designed to accept animal cages as they are discharged from a conveyorized tunnel washer or as a stand alone unit and shall be  capable of handling most solid beddings currently available. The dispenser shall include an output for connection to a tunnel type cage washer to allow 3-way ON/OFF operation.


    • Conveyor width : 915mm


    • Standard conveyor length: 2440mm long


    • Dust collection option for dust containment


    • Type 304 stainless steel construction

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  • Dual User Necropsy/Grossing Stations

    • The 36-120-S DS is a spacious, dual sided workstation that provides (2) downdraft work areas joined by a central sink to enable (2) users to comfortably work side by side. It is shown here with optional halogen task lamps with magnifiers, swivel type surgical light and deck mounted eyewash


    • Two 1120 x 686 downdraft work areas


    • Center sink with hot/cold water faucet, (2) spray guns and (2) flush manifold are standard


    • 153 x 762 duct connection


    Overall dimensions: 915(W) x 3050(L) x 915(H)mm work surface

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  • Multi-User Downdraft Workstations

    • The 66-159 is an island style downdraft workstation that includes six downdraft workstations so that six users can work side by side and across form one another simultaneously


    • Each workstation includes a deck mounted spray gun, fluorescent magnifier and computer monitor/keyboard arm


    • The unit is modular for easy installation


    • Six 762 x 660 downdraft work areas


    • Two 127 x 712 duct connection


    Overall dimensions: 1677(W) x 4040 (L) x 762 (H)mm work surface

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  • Non-Vented Necropsy Tables

    • The 36-96 NVNT is a multi-user table designed to allow as many as four users


    • The table includes and overhead with integral fluorescent lighting fixtures


    • The table is shown here with (4) option fluorescent magnifiers


    • Type 304 or 316 construction


    Overall dimensions: 915(W) x 2440(L) x 915 (H)mm work surface

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  • Prep and Exam Tables

    • The 24-60 PT is a full size prep table designed for a variety of animal care procedures including surgery prep, hydro-therapy and grooming


    • Type 304 stainless steel construction


    • Hot and cold water faucet and deck mounted spray nozzle


    • Removable heavy duty prep rack


    • 483 deep tub


    Overall dimensions: 610(W) x 1524(L) x 915(H)mm work surface

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  • S/Steel Surgery Table

    Quality S/Steel centre column surgery table with optional electric/hydraulic height adjust fully tiltable with side tie down bars! Optional surface heating available.


    Note: Table shown with additional specialty order, custom outer downdraft attachment. ASCSSDD-TA

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  • Semi-Enclosed Workstation

    • The AS26-60-S H is a mid size downdraft station with hinged viewing window for necropsy or gross  issection procedures. Shown here with optional push-button height adjustment, 1 HP disposer with ON/OFF switch, recessed perforated pan , GFCI outlets, lab gas outlets and foot pedal controlled faucet


    • 1067 wide x 610 downdraft work area


    • Spray gun, flush manifold, sink with hot/cold water faucet, fluorescent light fixture standard


    • 102 x 610 duct connection


    Overall dimensions: 762 (W) x 1524 x 864-1016 (H)mm work surface

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  • Signum Continuous Automatic Waste Bagging System

    Improved allergen containment within your facility

    Automatically seals contaminated waste:
    SIGNUM eliminates ‘high risk’ allergen exposure often associated with tying bin bags filled with dirty animal bedding by removing the necessity to tie the bag. eliminates ‘high risk’ allergen exposure often
    associated with tying bin bags filled with dirty animal bedding by removing the necessity to tie the bag.

    Level or weight controlled system::
    SIGNUM eliminates ‘overfilling’ and improves manual handling by automatically starting the bag switch

    Automatic bag switch:
    SIGNUM automatically seals a full bag, cuts the sealed full bag loose and starts a new bag - the technician just needs to remove the sealed bag making the process much quicker.

    True Plug-and-Play:
    SIGNUM requires no installation. Just 13amp, single
    phase power required.

    Advanced Safety:
    SIGNUM significantly improves allergen containment for staff and the surrounding environment when used in conjunction with a dump station.

    SIGNUM reduces odours associated with animal waste by providing a complete seal. Granting discrete

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  • Small Animal Self-Contained Downdraft Surgery Table

    High quality stainless steel mobile self-contained downdraft surgery table with active carbon filters for filtering anethesia gases. A FRC-4 filter design specifically for use with formaldehyde is included.


    Has in-built fan unit with variable speed and can be optionally fitted with HEPA filters, GPO outlets, wheels and halogen gooseneck light. Has fold down end tables 315Lmm. Comes ready for plug and use with comprehensive 1 year warranty. 


    Overall dimensions with extended tables: 1335L x 865D x 762Hmm.

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  • Vented Small Animal Surgery Tables

    • The 32-50 BD is a mid size backdraft surgery table designed to capture and exhaust waste anesthesia gases such as halothane or isoflurane during small animal surgery procedures. The table is shown to the right with the optional adjustable snorkel arm that enables users to locate additional point of use exhaust ventilation at locations such as the induction box or nose cone. The table as shown also includes push-button height adjustment and a GFCI outlet.


    • 254 high x 813 “side draft” plenum


    • Backsplash and spacious 1070 x 712 work surface


    • 153mm duct connection


    • 102 diameter swivel casters with brakes


    • The 32-50 shown below includes the optional shelf and drawers.


    Overall dimensions: 813(W) x 1270(L) x 813 to 965(H)mm work surface

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  • Wall Mounted Downdraft Workstations

    • The 31-111 Wall mounted downdraft work bench is two station unit designed so that 2 users can work comfortably side by side


    • (2) 660 x 585 downdraft work areas


    • (2) 152 x 229 duct connections


    • Shown here with (2) hot/coldwater sinks, (2) gas outlets


    Overall dimensions: 800(W) x 2832(L)mm

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