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Cage Monitoring & Accessories

  • Ensuring the Continued Quality and Performance of our Ventilated Cage Racks

    Through our Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program, we can assist you in maintaining your ventilated racks at their peak operating efficiency. An annual on-site assessment will consist of measuring, adjusting, and recording the airflow performance of each rack, a damage and wear inspection of the rack, lubrication of castors, and a status assessment of each HEPA filter, perform any necessary maintenance and adjustments. PM Contract holders also receive priority service and offset costs of HEPA’s and/or larger parts replacement.


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  • Wi-Com Sensus.

    Features and Benefits


    • Perform complete and accurate room readings in as little as 30 seconds


    • Reduce process costs by eliminating labor-intensive cage counting


    • Maximize billing efficiency for speedy ROI


    • Store facility data in a secure, central, system repository for ease of accessibility and retrieval


    • Manage inventory from check-in to check-out with a robust software interface


    • Generate pre-configured or user-defined inventory reports for use in cost recovery to individual
    PI grants


    • Export data for integration into existing systems - Barcode etc.


    • Track cage movements easily for regulatory and health management policy compliance


    Contact your local representative for more information and a demo.

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  • Wi-Com Vantage - Rack Monitoring Unplugged

    Developed exclusively for the biomedical research industry, our patent pending Wi-Com Vantage Wireless IVC Rack Monitoring System gives users the ability to remotely monitor research animal housing parameters, record and manage collected data and set levels for automated alarm broadcasts  via wireless communications. When it comes to real-time cage rack monitoring, wireless provides greater flexibility, increased data and more options – all with less cost and less labor than manual hard-wired rack monitoring systems. (Hard wired systems available).

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