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Specialist Research

  • 252-Dual Syringe Infusion/Withdrawal Pump


    • Holds two syringes, 10ul to 140ml each
    • Large bright LCD screen display with rate, volumes and syringe inner diameters
    • The time elapsed and continuous dispense volume display
    • Pre-set volume control and automatic shut off
    • Volume and the unit of infusion rate are selective
    • Settings can be reviewed or changed during operation
    • Settings can be stored in the Non-Volatile memory after power off
    • Custom parameters can be stored (up to 32 sets of data)
    • Driver block can be adjusted to protect syringe
    • Stall detection
    • Built-in RS232 interface for computer linking or daisy chaining up to 100 pumps
    • Multiple mode selection
      • Infusion
      • Withdrawal
      • Infusion then withdrawal
      • Withdrawal then infusion
      • Continuous cycle
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  • 252-Microdialysis Pump

    This compact, flexible, dual syringe pump with low pulse-free flow rates is suitable for microdialysis and other low flow experiments. The flow rates are shown on the LED displays. It fits microdialysis syringe, for brain, blood vessel and other tissues.


    • Holds two syringes and independently controls 1-10ml syringes
    • Flow rate ranges 0.01 ul/min to 20 ul/min
    • Advance rate:2.4um/min-1.2mm/min
    • Power:10W, remote control capable - Quick advance and withdrawal
    • Human-machine interface: preset infusion volume, rate and syringe inner diameter
    • Key settings: start, stop, quick advance, quick withdrawal, confirm, digit key
    • Power-fail memory, EEPROM save the presetting parameters

    Microdialysis System includes:

    • Microdialysis Syringe Pump
    • Microdialysis Probes and Cannula
    • System for Freely Moving Animals

    Syringe, Tubing, Adaptors, Screw, collector

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  • Guillotines - Large

     Large 6” Cutting Edge

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  • Guillotines - Medium

     Medium 4” Cutting Edge

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  • Guillotines - Small

    Small 2” Cutting Edge

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  • Infusion Withdrawal Dual Syringe Pump

    The Infusion Withdrawal Dual Syringe Pump is one of the most advanced, cost-effective pumps on the market today. Out of the box advanced features like infusion / withdrawal, dual-syringe set-up, auto-stall detection, touch screen display and much more!

    The advanced sensors on the Infusion Withdrawal Dual Syringe Pump always know exactly where the syringe plunger is and how much is left in the syringe. It also knows where the full and empty points are of the syringe and the end of travel limits are of the pusher. This is not available on other high-end pumps. They can only guess at any of the above and have to use mechanical stops to tell it where the end of the syringe is.

    Standard Features

    • Infusion/Withdrawal
    • Multi-Syringe Capability
    • Selectable Functions:
        -  Constant Rate
        - Time & Volume Dispensing
        -  Ramp
        -  Pulse
        -  Stepped 
    • Automatic Positioning/Stalling Detection
    • Touchscreen Control - Glove Friendly
    • USB Computer Interface
    • Greater than 20kg Linear Force
    • Push-Pull Capability
    • Multi-directional Left or Right Operation
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  • Micromotor Drill

    This kit is ideal for high speed applications up to 38,000rpm. Micromotor technology allows the hand piece itself to contain the motor, whilst retaining a slender profile for easy hand grip. The high speed drill is configured for stereotaxy surgery, particularly in soft skull animals such as rats and mice. The microdrill can be secured to the stereotaxy instrument by the microdrill holder and controlled by the manipulator.

     AS78021  Flat Tip Drill Bit  0.8mm
     AS78023  Flat Tip Drill Bit  1.2mm
     AS78026  Flat Tip Drill Bit  1.8mm
     AS78028  Flat Tip Drill Bit  2.3mm


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  • Rat Simulator - Training

    Rat model for use in the training of animal testing techniques. The beginner can learn the techniques of proper holding of the animal, peroral feeding, tail vein injection and blood collection, and endotracheal incubations using this specialized training tool.

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  • Rodent Grip Strength Meter

    Grip Strength Meters are employed in assessing neuromuscular function by sensing the peak amount of force an animal applies in grasping specially designed pull bar assemblies. Metering is performed with precision force gauges in such a manner as to retain the peak force applied on a digital display. The values may be either recorded manually or automatically via an optional RS-232 interface available on the computerized model(s).


    Fore and hind limb assessments can be performed concurrently with the dual sensor models or they can be performed in separate trials with the single stand model. Readings may be obtained in pounds, kilograms, or newtons. Pull bar assemblies are manufactured to suit the species of animal under test. Standard pull bar assemblies are offered for rats and mice.


    Meter Complete with 2 year warranty.

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    The IITC Rotarod is used to assess the effect of drugs on the motor coordination or fatigue resistance on mice and rats using one unit in a safe and humane way. The animals are placed on textured drums to avoid slipping. When an animal drops onto the individual sensing platforms below, test results are recorded.


    IITC’s Rotarod has the capabilities of having up to five mice or rats tested at any given time. The user can select from one to five lanes to be included in an experiment. For mice experiments 1¼ inch  diameter drums are supplied and for rat experiments 3¾ inch diameter drums are supplied. All that is needed is a standard phillips screwdriver to change the drums, no other tool required. The LED display shows all test results for each animal position; they are: Starting and stopping RPM’s, length of test and distance traveled. Animals drop is sensed by accurate magnetic switches that never need adjusting versus other units on the market today which use photoelectric sensing. Vertically sliding acrylic front panels prevent escape of animals.

    Literature Reference: Jones & Roberts, F. Pharm., Pharmacol.,1968, 20, 302

    The electronic gear is built into the base of the unit. All parameters are digitally controlled and entered via the keypad on the front panel. Start, stop and reset buttons are also on the front of the unit. An LED display allows the user to view all parameters and test results.


    Key features of the IITC Rotarod are the following:

    - Adjustable test length: 1 to 999 seconds.

    - Adjustable start speed: 0 to 45 RPM’s.

    - Adjustable top end speed: 0 to 45 RPM’s.

    - Adjustable ramp speed: 0 to 999 seconds.

    - Forward, reverse mode

    - Distance recorded in Meters

    - Two year warranty

    - 240V

    - CE Approved


    - No adjustments required on sensing platforms

    - Digitally controlled

    - Five (5) lanes standard

    - Adjustable test length

    - Adjustable start speed

    - Adjustable top end speed

    - Adjustable ramp speed

    - Forward and reverse rotation mode

    - Distance recorded in Meters

    - Footswitch - RS232 - Printer output (standard)

    - Software - USB - Printer (optional)

    - Thermal printer (optional)

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