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Paper Bedding & Combinations

• Ideal for nesting, playing and burrowing

• Non-dusty formula eliminates eye irritation
• No dangerous fiber strands

• Eliminates need for other costly nesting items

• Provides higher
enrichment efficiency per bag

• Saves on storage space

• Available irradiate

  • Enrich-N' Pure - Paper Enrichment Bedding and Nesting Mix - 35L/bag



    PREMIUM ENRICHMENT – Combination of patented paper twists and 1/4” paper chips provides
    excellent activity opportunities for animal nesting, mounding and burrowing


    SUPERIOR PURITY – Blended product well suited for toxicology researchers 


    HIGHEST ABSORBENCY – Delivers fast wicking action while providing advanced characteristics for maximum animal comfort


    NON-DUSTY – Eliminates irritants for nude/hairless mice and research personnel while reducing air filter blockage


    BRIGHT WHITE – Pure white product assures ideal observation of animals and their discharges


    ECOLOGICAL – Made from renewable resources and can be easily disposed of



    • Instant observation of animal discharges

    • Exceptional wicking provides fresh, sanitary living surface

    • FDA certified 1/4” paper chips

    • Environmentally beneficial

    • Bags available standard or irradiated

    • No dangerous fiber strands

    • Increases animal comfort and well-being

    • Meets or exceeds rigorous laboratory standards

    • Available Irratiated


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  • PuraPaper - Premium

    • Up to 3 weeks between changes
    • White for excellent observation
    • Free flowing for dispensers
    • Completely dust free
    • More cages per bag
    • Greater Absorbency
    • Autoclavable bag 121°C
    • Biodegradable
    • Easy cleaning
     Raw Material  Pure Cellulose
     Size Grain  5 - 8mm square cut
     Absorbency  (Density 220kg/m3) 9 to 10 times its weight in water
     Dust Level  Less than 355 u : 0.025%


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  • Pure-O' Cel - Paper Enrichment Bedding and Nesting Mix


    MEETS STRINGENT REQUIREMENTS – Developed to meet or exceed the most discerning requirements of animal researchers including toxicology labs

    CERTIFIABLY SUPERIOR – Produced in FDA (human consumables) certified facility to assure
    critical testing

    MORE ABSORPTIVE SURFACE AREA – Higher absorption than other paper squares. The larger
    1/4in. size offers 75% more surface area.

    DUST FREE PERFORMANCE – Proven characteristics make it the ideal specification for nude/
    hairless mice

    DELIVERS BAG-TO-BAG RELIABILITY – Precision sized 1/4” paper product delivers dependable
    and consistent “in cage” performance

    • 25% greater absorption than other paper chip products

    • Larger surface area provides better nesting and enrichment properties

    • Clean, white chips ensure better observation of animal discharges

    • Product options: bulk bags or irradiated

    • Also available as a blend with Corn Cob or with our exclusive paper rolls for enhanced enrichment

    • Consistently sized bag at 35L provides accurate yields for consistent planning and budgeting

    • Available Irratiated 

    Pure-O' Cel Paper chip bedding, larger bags than Alpha-Dri & more absorbent, Approx 35L Bags

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