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Bedding and Nesting Material

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  • Cage Liners

    • Multiple uses. All-purpose Poly Pads are ideal for cage liners, necropsy liners and pads for  animal post-surgical recovery areas. They are also widely used as bench liners and as lining material for radioactive or hazardous substances work areas.


    • Super absorbency. Multi-layered for increased absorbing action, Poly Pads can easily soak up heavy discharge from large animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Or in laboratory situations, the extra absorbency of multiple layers effectively handles spills.


    • Special wicking action. No puddling or runoff with Poly Pads. The capillary action of their several layers spreads moisture throughout the sheet.


    • Dust elimination. Made from 100% virgin fibers, the absorbent layers of Poly Pads will not create dust-a chronic problem.


    • Greater economy. Higher absorbency means longer life. And that translates into lower costs and fewer replacements in either cage or bench maintenance.


    • Quick, easy observation. Poly Pads are made from white tissue which makes animal discharges and lab spills readily noticeable.

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    Code Description Qty/Ctn NB Cart
    Kraft Pad Rabbit Cage Liners 12 Ply - to Fit EC 2 Rabbit Cage Service Trays 100
    Kraft Pad Rabbit Cage Liners 12 Ply - to Fit US 2 Rabbit Cage Service Trays 100
    Poly Pad Rabbit Cage Liners 16 Ply - to Fit EC 2 Rabbit Cage Service Trays 100
    Poly Pad Rabbit Cage Liners 16 Ply - to Fit US 2 Rabbit Cage Service Trays 100
  • CornCob Bedding & Combinations

    PERFECT FOR ISOLATOR CAGES – corn cob bedding is documented to show it’s perfect for Isolator Cages because of its ammonia controlling properties.

    NATURAL ABSORPTION FEATURES – Animals are on a dry surface. The bedding allows liquids to flow from the top down, then absorb from the bottom up. Our Corn Cob is proven to encapsulate the urea found in animal urine and controls the ammonia level.


    100% NATURAL CORN COBS – Our Corn Cob bedding is completely biodegradable and  incinerable.


    • Produced in a modern production facility
    • Regularly subjected to independent analysis
    • Guaranteed to meet or exceed all testing requirements
    • Consistently the highest quality corn cob bedding
    • Available in autoclavable bags or irradiated for those critical studies
    • Heat dried to 8% maximum moisture - the ultimate middle point for greatest absorption capacity and lowest dust content

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    Code Description Qty/Ctn NB Cart
    Mixed Corn Cob/Paper Chip Enrichment Bedding Approx 35L Bags 80 4
    PuraCob - Enriched 10kg No.8 Fine Dust Free One Bag Fills 62+ Cages 70/Pallet Polyethylene Bags - Autoclavable 5
    PuraCob - Premium - 10kg No.12 Fine Dust Free 70 -
    PuraCob- Premium - 10kg No. 8 Coarse Dust Free One Bag Fills 62+ Cages 70/Pallet Polyethylene Bags - Autoclavable 3
  • Dust Free Aspen Bedding

    PERFECT FOR ISOLATOR CAGES – Aspen bedding is documented to show it’s perfect for Isolator Cages because of its ammonia controlling properties.


    NATURAL ABSORPTION FEATURES – Animals are on a dry surface. The bedding allows liquids to flow from the top down, then absorb from the bottom up.



    • Aspen wood is known to be favourable for breeding, with No Pinene content like Pine Shavings

    • Aspen is noted for low density and low cost - it is an exceptional bedding as proven by many internationally

    • Aspen wood is grown in cool remote, pollution free areas, hence the pure natural animal bedding

    • Aspen is noted for it’s softness and absorptive qualities

    • Universal consumers find it only requires a 2week cage change cycle to maintain a clean, healthy rodent and environment

    • Aspen bedding is dried at a constant 660 degrees C to achieve constant drying and purity

    • Repeatedly air-screened to remove dust

    • Clean, sterile and dust free, hence the benefits to animal and technician welfare

    • High levels of animal acceptance

    • Mouse cage of 350cm2 only needs 55 grams of aspen

    • Fully autoclavable or can be irridiated

    • The perfect product to create a natural home environment

    • Aspen is preferred over pine because of it’s lower pinene content.

    • Aspen is light, soft wood with high density packing - hence the lowest (end cost) bedding available

    • Available in a premium and standard grade bedding, as nesting wool and enrichment devices

    • Great for Ammonia Control - absorbs and sheds

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    Code Description Qty/Ctn NB Cart
    PuraChip Aspen Enrichment Bedding - Coarse 60 -
    PuraChip Aspen Enrichment Bedding - Extra Fine 60 -
    PuraChip Aspen Enrichment Bedding - Fine 60 2
    PuraChip Premium Aspen Enrichment Bedding - Coarse 50 1
    PuraChip Premium Aspen Enrichment Bedding - Fine 50 -
    PuraFlake - Screened Aspen One Bag fills 1200+ Cages 24/Pallet - 20kg Polyethylene Bags
    PuraPack - Screened One Bag Fills 105+ Cages 160/Pallet Polyethylene Bags - Clear Plastic with Carry Handle
    PuraSoft - Screened Softwood One Bag Fills 90+ Cages 60/Pallet Polyethylene Woven Bags Autoclavable
  • Nesting Materials



    BRIGHT WHITE – Animal discharges are instantly noticed on the pure, white paper and quick
    response can be made if needed


    SUPERIOR NESTING – Unfurling the paper twists allows ample opportunity for nesting. Mice are able to nest and burrow into the paper as opposed to on the paper

    DUSTLESS – The dust-free environment does not clog air filters. Great for nude and hairless mice



    • Superior adsorption creates a dry, sanitary environment

    • No additional nesting items needed

    • Increased animal well-being

    • No dangerous fiber strands • Saves labor, purchasing and storage costs

    • Available combined with Corn Cob or Pure-O’Cel

    • Non-dusty formula eliminates irritations for the mice

     Available irradiated

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    Code Description Qty/Ctn NB Cart
    Cotton Cocoon 12 dia x 38L mm 6000 (200 bundles)
    Cotton Nestlet 50 x 50 x 50mm / pieces 3600 (1000 sheet)
    Enrich-N' Nest - Paper Furl Nesting Material - 1660 Cages/Bag 80
    PuraCrinkle - Enviropak Sachets (1000) x 1 Box 16 Box / Pallet
    PuraCrinkle - Screened One Bags Fills 1670+ Cages 18 Box/Pallet
    PuraNest - Screened One Bag Fills 650+ Cages 24/Pallet - 3kg Box
    PuraShred - Premium Nesting One Bag Fills 210+ Cages 96/Pallet Plastic PE Bags
    PuraWool - Premium One Bag Fills 1500+ Cages 30/Pallet Plastic PE Bags
    Virgin Paper Nesting Wool 36 10
  • Paper Bedding & Combinations

    The type of bedding used in a facility can greatly influence the results of experimental procedures.

    Bedding is one of the most important items within the micro-environment of an animal. It provides warmth, maintains the environment of the cage, and adds to the overall welfare of the animals in care. It is an essential item for all animals in captivity.

    Two things to think about when considering bedding choices:

    1)  the needs and requirements of the animals to be housed

    2) what experimental procedures will be performed.

    There are many different types of bedding available on the market and it can be a bewildering experience to choose the type that best meets all of the requirements.

    We have made things easy by bringing a specially selected range of only the highest quality beddings to you. We ensure that they are of high value, so your budget can go a little further, allowing you to maybe, include some enrichment and make your animals even more comfortable and your research even better.

    BRINGING A NEW TWIST TO EXCEPTIONAL ENRICHMENT BEDDING – Blended paper rolls and Corn Cob provide endless opportunities for healthy animal activity and comfort. Caters to the animal’s natural nest and shelter building instincts.

    SUPERIOR ABSORBENCY – Cob to paper ratio delivers excellent bottom up adsorption to promote animal well-being.

    EXCELLENT ODOUR CONTROL – Abundance of cob encapsulates odour causing animal waste and neutralizes ammonia smell.

    COST SAVINGS – Requires less frequent cage changes resulting in reduced labour and disposal

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    Code Description Qty/Ctn NB Cart
    Enrich-N' Pure - Paper Enrichment Bedding and Nesting Mix - 35L/bag 80 7
    PuraPaper - Premium One Bag Fill 104+ cages 80/pallet
    Pure-O' Cel - Paper Enrichment Bedding and Nesting Mix Approx 35L Bags 80 6
  • Recovery Pads



    RISK REDUCTION - Reduce animal loss after surgery, reduces handling of animals, and potential
    for incision contamination


    AIDS ANIMAL BODY TEMPERATURE - Aids in pulling moisture and body fluids away from the
    animal’s body, helping them maintain body heat while sedated


    BRIGHT WHITE CLINICAL COLOR - White color aids in observing discharge or other health issues


    EFFICIENT - Pads can be used for up to 24 hours

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    Code Description Qty/Ctn NB Cart
    Recovery Pad - Mouse 153 x 255mm 400 / case 25
    Recovery Pad - Rat 178 x 406mm 250 / case 25