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Data Collection Software

  • Du - Data Collection Software

    DU (Data Utility) software lets you easily capture data from Able’s balances and scales for immediate analysis or export to other applications. Keep tighter control of weighing operations and integrate weighing tasks into processes with this comprehensive data collection utility.


    Practical Functionality - Smart Features


    • Monitor and collect data readings for up to 8 balances or scales simultaneously


    • Record custom data or notations along with readings using up to 6 user - defined fields


    • Log calibration reports to file for maintaining complete calibration records


    • Collect date and time with readings • Collect balance serial number with readings for unique identification. (Feature may not be available with all balances and scales)


    • Configure DU to remember individual session settings and file names. Statistics and Graphing


    • View statistics including Min, Max, Median, Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation


    • Graph reafings in real time. Print results and graphs from within the AdamDU application


    • Quickly search for a specific reading, min, or max readings. Easy Data Management


    • Dynamically export readings in several file formats (text, CSV, HTML, XML) for importing to other systems or applications


    • Export captured readings automatically to Microsoft® Excel1 or Microsoft® Word1 for further analysis or reporting


    • Export captured readings to Windows® Clipboard for quick pasting in Windows® applications.

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