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Alarm Systems

  • Silentone Fire and Security Alarm

    Silentone Fire and Security Alarm system. First and only world wide fire and building authority approved animal facility alarm systems. Emits a loud penetrating signal which alerts humans but has few detectable effects on animals. CE and UL Compliant. When Silentone alarm is activated it generates a sound level of 97dB (measured at 450mm or  greater peaks as measured in an anechoic chamber), at a frequency between 430 and 470Hz. This is well within the human hearing range, yet mice and rats are not awakened or, if already awake, show no startled response, ear twitching or other indication of auditory disturbance. Rabbits and guinea pigs show little more than mild disturbance at this intensity and no observable response if the alarm is activated in a corridor of the animal house. For humans, however, the noise created by a Silentone alarm is intensely irritating and disturbing.


    Dimensions 219mm Wide x 140mm Deep x 100mm Height


    Sound Output 97dB at 450mm


    Voltage 24V DC


    Minimum Voltage 10V DC


    Wattage 5W


    Compliancy rating CE Marked (electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Regulations 1992) and UL


    Case Tough, durable, high impact powder coated case


    Mounting Wall plate mounted using pre-drilled holes


    Installation Internal terminal block

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