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  • Automatic CO2 Delivery Unit

    A fully automated CO2 Euthanasia system designed to supply gas for a pre-set time to a chamber of your choice Features Include


    • Simple Operation • Gas tight quick release fittings to chamber to prevent any loss of gas if unit is left running while disconnected from chamber


    • Will suit any size of chamber. Fill rates can be calculated as follows Volume of Chamber (litres) = Flow Rate (litres per minute) Desired Running Time


    • Accurate digital timer, with options in minutes, seconds or fractions of seconds


    • Will suit either cylinder gases (regulator required) or piped gas installations


    Options also available for programmable O2 and CO2 units

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  • Euthanasia Cabinet

    Take the emotion out of putting down old test animals – with in house culling. Fully sealed. Easily useable with gas valve and gaslift lid and lockable castors. Brilliant Innovative Design. 

    Other sizes made to order.

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  • Pre-Set CO2 System-1 Chamber - S/S Housing

    A product very similar to our already popular Auto Co2 Delivery Unit but without the need for calculating chamber volumes to obtain the correct CO2 concentration.

    This system has 3 pre-set settings. Each of the settings is calculated for use with one of our small, medium or large CO2 chambers.

    • Simple operation
    • Automatically provides a 20% rising concentration.
    • No discrepancy between procedures
    • Simple wall mount installation
    • Accepts cylinder and / or piped gases (high pressure tube provided)

    *The stand and chamber are for display purposes only*

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  • Single Cage Automated CO2 Unit

    A fully automated CO2 Euthanasia system designed to supply gas for a pre-set time to the animal in their home cage (with the lid removed).

    Simple operation incorporating the following features:

    • Preprogrammed to a 20% rising concentration to eliminate discrepancy between cycles.
    • CO2 Distributed via a plenum chamber through the lid to ensure even CO2 distribution for accurate rising concentration.
    • A Simple dump vent allows all CO2 to drain between procedures.
    • Will suit either cylinder gases (regulator required) or piped gas installations.


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