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Jewel Washing Automation / Systems

Introducing Jewel
Jewel washers and disinfectors are an exclusively manufactured range, catering to every facilities individual needs. Whether as a complete facility solution combined with our own caging, or to work in with existing systems, our strength lies in our flexibility, quality and ability to package these tested and proven, green conscious solutions with all unmatch-able after sales service.

Jewels range includes every thing from Rack Washers, Tunnel Washers, Batch Washers to complete Bottle handling systems, Thermodisinfectors, racks, trolleys and baskets.

The value of a Jewel is unequalled.

• The Jeweltronic Control System automatically monitors and displays current cycle status and alarms. It allows the user to optimise the washing process and personalise the washing programmes.


• The mechanical action is critical for effective cleaning results. Jewel has customised the washing pumps and circuits ensuring high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure to achieve optimum results with the most economical method.


• Three water connections are available, cold, warm and DI water. DI pre-heating tank available.


• Jewel focuses on the environment with double wall construction, excellent insulation and recycled water in up to 3 stages, resulting in lower water consumption, less heat loss and less power consumption.


• Quality manufacture with every seam welded, ground and covered in highly polished s/steel. Every bend or tank has radiused corners, resulting in a finished surface with no-where for grit or contamination to hide.


• Auto - open side viewing windows and panels at all appropriate locations. and baskets.