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Climate Controlled Cabinets

  • ScanClime

    The ScanClime - optimal climatic solution


    We have developed the ScanClime - a flexible and mobile HVAC unit for climate control of animal  housing systems. This unit may help reduce energy consumption and running costs in the animal  facility.


    Connected to a ventilated Scantainer cabinet, the Scan-Clime provides a controlled environment with regard to:


    • Relative humidity


    • Air change per hour


    • Positive or negative pressure inside the Scantainer


    These are all environmental conditions recommended in the EU guidelines and National Code of Practice which can now be provided at cabinet level instead of at room/building level. Therefore the background environment of the room can be significantly relaxed with regard to humidity and air change requirements provided all rodents are kept in ventilated Scantainer  cabinets fully controlled by the ScanClime.


    Pre-conditions for temperature between 20-24°C and RH between 45-65% inside the Scantainer


    Product code: 56-CLIM-BASIC (ASSCSS-B)

    Material : Stainless steel

    Climate control of : Up to 3 Scantainers

    Connection to water : Yes

    Connection to drain : Yes

    Recommended room exhaust : 300 m³/h

    Sound level : < 50 dB(A) 

    Dimensions (mm.) : 500W x 700D x 1995H

    Dew point (100% humidity) in animal room must not exceed 15ºC, and room temperature must not exceed 23ºC.



    Material : Stainless steel

    Climate control of :  Up to 3 Scantainers

    Connection to water :Yes

    Connection to drain : Yes

    Recommended room exhaust : 300 m³/h

    Sound level : < 50 dB(A) 

    Dimensions (mm.) : 730W x 880D x 1995H


    Dew point (100% humidity) in animal room must not exceed 26ºC, and room temperature must not exceed 32ºC.


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  • Scantainer Classic

    The Scantainer concept was developed in response to the increasing need for protection of animals as well as personnel. This need has increased further as a result of the growing use of immunodeficient and transgenic animals and also as a result of the efforts to implement GLP. In addition allergy to laboratory animals (LAA) has been recognised as a serious occupational health hazard. 


    A selection of animals to be protected in the Scantainer:

    • Animals in long term studies

    • Transgenic animals

    • SCID-mice

    • Nude mice and rats

    • Valuable inbred strains

    • High quality SPF animals


    Other common applications of the Scantainer:

    • Standardisation of experiments

    • Quarantine of animals

    • Transportation of animals

    • Separation of animals in GLP studies

    • Acclimatisation of animals

    • Reversing light cycles

    • As a Multi-Purpose Isolation Chamber


    Ventilation :-

    Demountable ventilator unit

    Adjustable air fl ow

    Min. air changes / hour in the cabinet (25)

    Max. air changes / hour in the cabinet (new filters) (> 70)


    Sound level :-

    45 NR (Noise Rating)

    50 dB(A)


    Power consumption :-



    1-N-J (1 phase + neutral + earth)


    Filters :-

    Supply and exhaust filter retains 98.5% of all particles

    > 0,3 μm (HEPA H11 filter)

    Option: Activated charcoal filter



    Thermometer 0C, analog

    Hygrometer % RH, analog

    Switch with indicator light

    ”Insuficient flow” indicator light


    Quality assurance: - A certificate is issued on each cabinet

    Certificates:- CE certificate

    Thimble connection to room exhaust:- 90-100 m³/hour per cabinet

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