Thermo Controlled Surgery Platform / Camera Kit (ASSSPCKT)

Surgery Platform/Camera Kit
Includes: Surgery Platform with gel-pads, Digital Microscope/Camera, Mounting Bracket (DMCB), DinoCapture Software, USB 2.0 Extension, Gel Pad Reactivation Unit. 

  • Two Flexible LED lights - provides direct illumination with no shadows and no heat.
  • Flex arm, non-obstructive rimless magnifying glass (main lens:2.3 X, inset lens: 4.0 X). (Allows continuous eye contact with object when moving into magnification area)
  • 4 Space Gels for continuous heat, 2 Space Blankets to retain heat.
  • Thermo Reflector & Turbo Heat Sink to maximize heat transfer.
  • Limb restraints, Non-skid feet for added stability.
  • Universal power supply (100 – 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz).

Ultra-Safe Thermo Regulation:

  • will not over heat animal
  • will not burn animal
  • no electricity used
  • no bulky water bath
  • no water bed effect


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