Small Animal Ventilator (AS407V)

Animal 407

The small Animal 407 ventilator is the most popular unit for research in the
field of Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Animal Medicine and Artificial
Respiration, Respiration Management, Animal Emergency Aid and Respiratory
Treatment in the animal clinical surgery. Small Animal Ventilator is for
small animals from 250g to10kg (22lb) such as rat, guineapig, rabbit, cat,
dog, etc.

The operating principle of this ventilator is based on an electric generator as
its power and driving circuit control, rhythmical output flow which, through a
gas tube, the gas enters in and enlarges the animal lung to fully achieve gas
exchange. It is easy to use, low noise, precise control.

The Small Animal Ventilator comes standard with two piston and cylinder
assemblies. The smaller piston(which comes installed) allows tidal volumes to
be set from 0.5 to 5.0cc in 0.5cc increments and the larger cylinder allows
tidal volumes of 3.0 to 30cc in 0.3cc increments. Setting the cylinder stroke
between gradations it is possible to achieve finer resolution in tidal volume

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