Mouse Ventilator (AS405V)

The 405 Ventilator features a numerical LED to display the respiratory rate
which can be set from 18 to 150 strokes / minutes. Volume and rate
settings can be adjusted while the ventilator is running. The piston travels
to the end of the cylinder completely emptying the cylinder and minimising
the dead space of the breathing circuit. The 405 Ventilator has four gas
inlet and outlet ports: supply gas in, gas out (to animal), gas return
(from animal ) and ventilator exhaust. The ventilator exhaust can be
attached to a column of water to achieve PEEP (positive end expiratory
pressure) when long term animal  ventilation is necessary. 405 has the
Ability to monitor PEEP. New tubing with graduated connectors can
accommodate different size tubing easily. Permanent etched volume
graduations on the cylinder so they can’t rub off. Volume and rate control
are linear.

The Model 405 Ventilator comes standard with one piston and cylinder
assembly. This ventilator allows tidal volumes to be set from 0.1 to 1.0cc in
0.1cc increments. Setting the cylinder stroke between gradations it is
possible to achieve finer resolution in tidal volume settings.

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