252-Microdialysis Pump (AS)

This compact, flexible, dual syringe pump with low pulse-free flow rates is suitable for microdialysis and other low flow experiments. The flow rates are shown on the LED displays. It fits microdialysis syringe, for brain, blood vessel and other tissues.


  • Holds two syringes and independently controls 1-10ml syringes
  • Flow rate ranges 0.01 ul/min to 20 ul/min
  • Advance rate:2.4um/min-1.2mm/min
  • Power:10W, remote control capable - Quick advance and withdrawal
  • Human-machine interface: preset infusion volume, rate and syringe inner diameter
  • Key settings: start, stop, quick advance, quick withdrawal, confirm, digit key
  • Power-fail memory, EEPROM save the presetting parameters

Microdialysis System includes:

  • Microdialysis Syringe Pump
  • Microdialysis Probes and Cannula
  • System for Freely Moving Animals

Syringe, Tubing, Adaptors, Screw, collector

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