Fibre-Lite Illuminator (Fibre-Lite)

The best choice for laboratory lighting requirements is the Fiber-Lite Illuminator, which is compact in size, generating white light and quick starting. Fiber-Lite Illuminator will bring you a clear view of the sample under a normal indoor luminous environment, without affecting the observations.


  • Dual-Pipe fibre optic coaxial lighting, provides better field of view
  • Stable output voltage, makes the bulb safe and reliable looks compact and elegant
  • Generates no heat and does not change colour of blood

Application: illuminant device used for animal operations or microscopy

Input Power: 230V AC/50Hz
Bulb Power: 21V, 150W
Rated Life: about 300h
Color temperature: 3200K, colour correction filters are optional (3000-6500k)
Function: constant lighting
Type of Cooling: Air cooling
Weight: 2.76Kg
Dimension: 280 x 100 x 165mm

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