CO2 IVC Systems (AS300CO2IVC)

An exciting new development, designed in conjunction with various clients and approved for use by the Home Office. To humanely cope with the euthanasia of rodents, this system uses the animals own Home Cage to supply a preset mix of CO2 / O2 and Anaesthetic Gases. A standard set up may be to the automatic cycle as follows:


• 1. Introduction of O2 and Isoflurane Mix


• 2. Introduction of CO2 / O2 Mix


• 3. Introduction of CO2 Only


• 4. Dwell Period


• 5. Extract


• Can be manufactured for any manufacturers standard IVC Cage


• Configured for any set up using CO2 only, CO2 and O2 or CO2 , O2 and an anaesthetic agent


• Preset cycles and flow rates set to user choice.


• CE Marked


• Can use piped or cylinder gases


• Can use internal or external scavenging


• Fully Mobile

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