Advanced Anaesthesia Systems DVS - 810 (AS102 )

Advanced Anaesthesia System with height adjustment DVS 810


Supplied as a Complete Work Station, with built in scavenging, heated surface with downdraft and a fully built in scavenged chamber


Integrated Features Include

• Fittings for 1 x O2, 1 x N2O Size E cylinders (extra gases optional)

• Upgradeable for up to 4 carrier gases

• Low O2 Alarm with N2O cut off

• Oxygen Flush

• Isoflurane or Halothane Options (other anaesthetic agents available)

• Tapered Flowmeters for maximum accuracy

• Anti static castors locking for safety

• High quality stainless steel shelving

• Automatic Co² Delivery System

• Downdraft Table

• Heated Pad with full control

• Full Scavenged Integrated Chamber

• Height Adjustment Option (ASDVS 810)

• Several configurations available

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