VitalScan (AS004)

Integrated Vital Signs Monitoring. VitalScan incorporates Pulse-Oximetry, NIBP, Respiration, Temperature monitoring and end-tidal CO2 monitoring in a single package controlled from your PC or laptop. The dedicated Windows™ software gives instant visual feedback on all your monitoring options and there are alarms available for every system monitored. This gives you an at-a-glance appraisal of your patient and provides the very best possible care for anaesthetized animals


• Veterinary designated Windows™ software supporting Pulse-Oximetry, Oscillometric Blood Pressure monitoring, Respiratory monitoring and Temperature monitoring.


• Simple serial link to your PC/Laptop


• All monitoring sensors are controlled by your PC giving you central control of all your monitors


• Alarm options available for all sensors. Full monitoring reports available for all sensors


• Monitoring reports can be saved to file for later reference 


• Integrates with ECG3 for combined on-screen display


• Automatic scheduling of Blood Pressure measurements


• Centralisation of monitors simplifies set-up procedures during anaesthesia.


• All the facilities you expect, combined into an integrated package to provide the ultimate in monitoring control

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