ECG3 Analyser (AS005)

Rapid Automatic ECG Analysis for Cats and Dogs. ECG3 Analyser is simple to use. Four cables attached to the animal provide information on the six limb leads I,II,II, aVL, aVF and aVR. The analysis results for each complex are displayed in a clear table that shows all of the 10 parameters measured – P-height, P-duration, PR interval, R-height, QRS-duration, Q-T interval, Q/S/T-height and R-R interval. For every diagnosis listed there is information on the ECG appearance, clinical characteristics, treatment, long-term follow up and further reading references.

• Very simple to set up and use

• Rapid, reliable, automatic ECG analysis for dogs and cats

• Fully customisable report options

• Windows environment for intuitive use

• Works with IBM-compatible PC’s including laptops

• Can be used alone or can be integrated with the BAS VitalScan unit

• Use for pre-op screening and anaesthetic monitoring

• Generate income from ECG investigations

• Print, fax or e-mail reports to colleagues or clients

• Proven technology over 15 years and with 1500 clients

• Reports use standard paper formats

• No more lengthy thermal ecg strips

• Instant, when-you-need-it, analysis and interpretation

• Suitable for routine ECG monitoring for animal heart rates up to 330 bpm.

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