SAV03 Ventilator (ASAM007)

SAV03 Ventilator. Precise, pressure cycle ventilation. The SAV03 is a mains-powered, pressure cycled ventilator designed by vets for use on incubated animals up to 10kg in weight. Using the incoming gas from your anaesthetic machine, the SAV03 controls the gas delivered to the patient in the inspiratory phase until a set airway pressure is reached, at which point the patient is allowed to exhale. A user-defined delay then elapses before inspiration begins again and the cycle repeats. By using pressure cycled ventilation it is easy to ventilate even very small animals safely.


• Small unobtrusive unit

• Works on a whole range of species

• Independent control of inspiratory and expiratory  arameters

• For animals from a few grams to over 10kg

• Fits neatly on the operating table or anaesthetic machine

• Will work with any standard anaesthetic machine

• Has standard 15mm connectors for ET tubes

• Clear digital display and status indicators

• Working range from 1 to 40 cm H²O pressure

• Mains powered with automatic fail-safe mode

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