Merlin Ventilator (ASAM-OO6)

One ventilator for all your Small Animal Needs. Merlin is a microprocessor-controlled ventilator designed by vets for vets. We have done away with conventional pressurised gas driving mechanisms and use a precisely controlled piston that can accurately deliver volumes in the range 1ml to 800mls.


Merlin can be pressure-cycled, volume cycled or time-cycled and the inspiratory and expiratory times are fully and independently variable without the need to re-adjust after changes in flow rates or volumes. A pressure control allows you to set the maximum allowable pressure during volume cycling or the target pressure during pressure cycling. A further added feature is the inspiratory assist control that will tune the ventilator to your patient during recovery and so assist weaning from the ventilator. On the front of the unit is a large easily readable display that shows all of your selected parameters. These parameters are continuously updated reflecting every adjustment made.


We believe Merlin is truly innovative in being the first veterinary ventilator to calculate and display the compliance of the patient being ventilated.


• Precise, reliable control over all ventilation parameters

• Pressure cycled, Time cycled or Volume cycled IPPV

• Patient disconnect and over-pressure alarms

• 80 character screen and high definition LEDs give full parameter information:

• Tidal Volume

• Minute Volume

• Inspiratory and Expiratory Airway Pressure

• I:E Ratio

• Patient Compliance

• Respiratory Rate

• Inspiratory Time

• Expiratory Time

• Maximum allowed airway pressure

• Assist effort

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