Digital Pulse Oximeter V3304 - Spare C Clips (ASAM052)

 Spare C Clips


A Pulse Oximeter designed specifically for veterinary applications. Using refined noise-reduction hardware (digital processing) and a unique patented software algorithm (SAC™), the V3304 is able to look at pulse oximetry data in a new way. SurgiVet’s technology analyses a digital signal  at a rate of 120 times per second, and compares it to previous pulse data. These pulses are constantly stored and updated, and used as dynamic templates to determine the validity or invalidity for newly encountered pulsatile signals. We have now made advanced pulse oximetry affordable specifically for veterinary applications.


• Internal rechargeable battery • Easy-to-read LED display with adjustable brightness

• Variety of reusable sensors designed for veterinary applications

• Quantitative pulse strength bar

• Advanced Digital SAC™ oximetry for demanding veterinary environments

• Full Instruction Manual Supplied

• Pulse Range 20 – 350 bpm

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