Premium Small Vessel Cauterizer - Replacement Tip - Straight (AS18000-C01 )

Replacement Tip - Straight


This small hand-held unit keeps bleeding to a minimum and therefore provides a surgical field clear of clamps and hemostats. It comes supplied with one straight and one angled cautery tip made from platinum-iridium alloy (0.3mm diameter) and is powered by two 1.5 volt alkaline AA batteries. Total weight is 100g. The unit is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and is 13.5cm long without tips (16.5cm with straight tip). Cauterizer should be activated only momentarily so as not to burn out the tips. Temperature at tips is approximately 1000°C. Cauterizer and tips supplied in storage case.


Replacement cautery tips are available.

Remove batteries before autoclaving. Tip Diameter: 0.2mm

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