Floor Pens for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs - 400 (ASRFP400-A)

From the beginning of 2008, Animal Ethics Committees and Advisors have taken big steps towards ensuring comfortable, safe, natural and easy to work with housing solutions, which are used wherever possible. One of these comfortable, safe, natural and easy to work with solutions is Floor Pens .

Yes, they take up more space. BUT the advantage is they are cheap, they are ideal for stock housing, they can be easily dismantled and stored when not in use and whilst achieving this you are allowing your animals to show a more natural range of behavior in an already large floor area!

The options are endless too. You can have any height walls, any width doors, any dimensions or figurations, clear, coloured, “mesh wall” panels, mobile units, in built enrichment and nesting barns and the list goes on!

Contact your local representative to customise your floorpen solution.

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