Guinea Pig Cage Rack Systems (AS3870 GP Series)

Able’s 4,5,8 and 10 cage Guinea Pig rack systems are available with either a perforated cage and service trays or solid cages. All cages have a total floor area of 3987cm² and come standard in noryl plastic, polished S/S front grill, large feed hopper with lid and card holder, 600ml polycarbonate bottles, bungs, sippers and bottle holder. Optional 25mm Stainless Steel or anodised aluminium closed tabbling system, corner buffers and 125mm stainless steel castors completes the package. The solid cage rack system is autoclavable at 105oC and all cages are available with an automatic  watering system on request. Solid cage base permits use of aspen animal bedding thus providing a drier and cleaner environment and animal. Four 125mm stainless steel castors, 2 of which are braked. Entire cage slides forward on non-tip runners for easy animal servicing and observation. Animal visibility is of a high standard!

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