Mini - Isolator (ASFFI-10)



• Surgical Isolator


• Breeding and housing of small colonies


• Can be used to derive SPF or germ free animals when fitted with a C-Section/Hysterectomy option




• Anodised aluminium frame - aesthetic, light, strong and resistant to laboratory solutions such as acids and bases


• Isolator envelope body made from optically clear, flexible PVC 1mm thick, isolator base made from 1.5mm blue PVC.


• Air supplied and (optional) exhausted through HEPA filters (99.997% efficiency at 0.3um).


• Blower unit delivers controlled volume of air (adjustable up to 50m³/hr) at a very low noise level (less than 50dBA@³m).


• Large capacity 450mm diameter clear PVC entry point standard


• Optional Quadro-Lock Port 300mm. Shown in picture



LENGTH 1400mm x DEPTH 750mm x HEIGHT 1750mm

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