Scantainer Classic (ASTZ-11E)

The Scantainer concept was developed in response to the increasing need for protection of animals as well as personnel. This need has increased further as a result of the growing use of immunodeficient and transgenic animals and also as a result of the efforts to implement GLP. In addition allergy to laboratory animals (LAA) has been recognised as a serious occupational health hazard. 


A selection of animals to be protected in the Scantainer:

• Animals in long term studies

• Transgenic animals

• SCID-mice

• Nude mice and rats

• Valuable inbred strains

• High quality SPF animals


Other common applications of the Scantainer:

• Standardisation of experiments

• Quarantine of animals

• Transportation of animals

• Separation of animals in GLP studies

• Acclimatisation of animals

• Reversing light cycles

• As a Multi-Purpose Isolation Chamber


Ventilation :-

Demountable ventilator unit

Adjustable air fl ow

Min. air changes / hour in the cabinet (25)

Max. air changes / hour in the cabinet (new filters) (> 70)


Sound level :-

45 NR (Noise Rating)

50 dB(A)


Power consumption :-



1-N-J (1 phase + neutral + earth)


Filters :-

Supply and exhaust filter retains 98.5% of all particles

> 0,3 μm (HEPA H11 filter)

Option: Activated charcoal filter



Thermometer 0C, analog

Hygrometer % RH, analog

Switch with indicator light

”Insuficient flow” indicator light


Quality assurance: - A certificate is issued on each cabinet

Certificates:- CE certificate

Thimble connection to room exhaust:- 90-100 m³/hour per cabinet

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