Warming Cabinet - Med (ASSWC36)

The warming cabinet is especially suited for blood sampling of large groups of animals where it is  important that the temperature is electronically controlled. It is much easier to take blood samples from small animals if the body temperature has been raised. Furthermore the animal is exposed to less stress and discomfort.


The warming cabinet can also be used for post-operative care of anaesthetised animals which it is important to keep warm after an operation.


Dimensions (ext.)(mm) : 765W x 675D x 915H

Dimensions (int.)(mm) : 660W x 585D x 635H


Cage capacity

Optionally delivered with cages.

The shelves act as conventional shelves and other types of cages can be used e.g. during
post-operative care.

Type 2000 = 2

Type 1500 = 3

Type 1291 (III-H) = 6

Type 1290 (III) = 6

Type 1284 (II-L) = 9

Type 1264 (II) = 9

Type 1145 = 12

*Capacities Approximate only



Number of doors = 1

Fold-down table 

Transport handle 

Removable cage insert 

Power outlet socket

Optional Red Tint Door

Optionally on wheeled trolley at working height


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