Vented Small Animal Surgery Tables (AS32-50 BD-VST)

• The 32-50 BD is a mid size backdraft surgery table designed to capture and exhaust waste anesthesia gases such as halothane or isoflurane during small animal surgery procedures. The table is shown to the right with the optional adjustable snorkel arm that enables users to locate additional point of use exhaust ventilation at locations such as the induction box or nose cone. The table as shown also includes push-button height adjustment and a GFCI outlet.


• 254 high x 813 “side draft” plenum


• Backsplash and spacious 1070 x 712 work surface


• 153mm duct connection


• 102 diameter swivel casters with brakes


• The 32-50 shown below includes the optional shelf and drawers.


Overall dimensions: 813(W) x 1270(L) x 813 to 965(H)mm work surface

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