Thermodisinfectors (AQUA T3)

Glassware washer is a larger model, frontal loading, with HEPA-filtered forced air drying, four washing/drying positions & three washing/drying levels.


The upper level can be placed at two different water/air connections depending on the height of the loaded glassware. This machine can be used also to clean large bottles (20, 50, 60 lt.)


• RS 232 port is provided with printer connection for monitoring & validating washing phases.


• Ergonomic design of the door level height grants the user convenient loading/unloading with the support of a trolley.


• Door provided with glass window.


• Telescopic bearing rails enable easy & safe loading/unloading of the glassware.


• HEPA filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time & temperature setting, helps to ensure the complete inside & outside drying of all the glassware.


• LCD display with 20 standard programs for laboratory & 20 additional Custom programs are available.


• The built-in water softener, optional, provides optimal cleaning effectiveness.


• Washing & DI disinfection temperature are fully adjustable up to 93°C. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.


• Standard steam condenser eliminates vapors from entering into the laboratory.


• Heavy washing pump ensures high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.


• Washing/drying injection system on four levels.


• Inner cabinet, washing arms & tank filters made of high quality AISI 316 L stainless steel.


• Triple water filtering system captures residue preventing re-circulation & extending the pump life.


• Two standard automatic liquid dispensers provided with level control. Two more dispensers available.


• Possibility to store up to four 5 lt. containers in the unit.

• Jewel AQUA T3 accepts a variety of interchangeable standard & injection baskets used also in AQUA T2 models.



- 3rd & 4th Chemical dosing pump

- HEPA H14 air filter

- Water softner

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