Thermodisinfectors (AQUA T4)


Cage & Bottle Washing / Disinfection


Jewel has specifically designed this machine to ensure the safety of the operator & the surrounding environment. With its capacity to clean & disinfect at 90°C on three levels, a large quantity of cages & on four levels up to 224 feeding bottles each cycle, Jewel meets the needs of small & medium facilities. This machine can be integrated into large animal units already equipped  with a tunnel system.


• LCD display with 20 standard programs & 20 additional custom programs available.


• RS 232 port is provided with printer connection for monitoring & validating washing phases.


• Ergonomic design of the door level height allows the user a convenient and easy loading / unloading job with the support of a trolley.


• Door provided with glass window granting easy visual inspection throughout the entire washing process.


• Washing & disinfection temperature are completely adjustable up to 90°C. Temperature is monitored by two independent sensors.


• Separate rinsing circuit with preheated rinsing tank, optionally available.


• HEPA filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time & temperature settings, optional, helps to ensure the complete inside & outside drying of all the cages & feeding bottles.


• Telescopic bearing rails enable easy & safe loading/unloading of the items.


• Inner cabinet, washing arms & tank filters made of high quality AISI 316L polished s/steel.


• Two automatic liquid dispensers provided with qty control. 


• Possibility to store up to three 10 lt. canisters in the pull-out drawer beneath.



Electrical connection*  -  400 Vac 3 N+T / 50Hz

Power   -  20000 W

Pump power - 2 washing pumps  -  550 W + 900 W

Noise  -  58 dB(A)

Permitted room temperature  -  +5°C / +40°C

2 Dryer blowers   -  2 x 350 m3/h

Dryer heating  -  7800 W

*special voltage /60Hz available



- 3rd & 4th Chemical dosing pump

- HEPA H14 air filter

- Drying by hot air with 2x350 m³/h

- Separate rinsing circuit with preheated rinsing tank

- Printer

- Steam Condenser

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