Rack Washer (AQUA JET)

Rack Washer

Cage & Rack Washer - Thermodisinfection Available. The Jewel AquaJet is designed for medium to large throughput of racks, cages & cage units. A huge focus on the environment with double wall insulation, water recycling & energy saving drying systems means a large reduction in energy & water consumption.


• Touch screen controls with auto-diagnostic checking that constantly monitors & displays current cycle status & alarms, allows users to optimize the washing process & to personalize programs. Up to 65 washing & disinfection programs are available: 5 service programmes, 10 memorized programmes & 50 free programmes. Ethernet connection is standard.


• Machine is available in single or double full-glass door that automatically opens & closes at the touch of a button granting easy visual inspection throughout the entire process.


• Washing chamber & filter made in highly polished S/S. AISI 316L, external body in S/S AISI 304.


• Possibility to provide the machine in Fully Automatic Version for loading & unloading the cage racks.


• Machine could be manufactured following GMP requirements including FAT/SAT/IQ/OQ tests.


• Rinsing cycle is totally separated from the wash line.


• Multiple oscillating washing & rinsing pipes, grants excellent process results.


• VHP - Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination – Optional.


• Chemical fogging. This option is ideal for wet surface disinfection.


• Thermodisinfection at 90°C. Optional.


• Washing pump pressure control.


• Flush self-cleaning filter for the re-circulation of wash water. Optional.


• Double drying units, 1000 m3 capacity with HEPA H 14 filters. Optional.


• Chemical control dosing system.


• Data archiving system & process control.


• Patented manifold system for trolley docking with spray arms available. Optional.



Electrical connection*    -    400 Vac 3 N+T / 50Hz

Total power    -    56000 W

Pump power (n° 2 pumps)    -    4500 W

Noise    -    58 dB(A)

Permitted room temperature   -     +5°C / +40°C

*special voltage /60Hz available



- 3rd Chemical dosing pump

- HEPA H14 air filter

- VHP - Hydrogen Peroxide vapour

- Chemical fogging facility

- Flush self cleaning filter for the recirculation of the wash water

- Thermodisinfection at 90°C.

- Drying system

- Steam heating

- Steam extractor

- Patented manifold system for trolley docking with spray arms

- Stainless steel doors with glass windows

- Fully automatic Version for loading & unloading the cage racks

- Printer

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