Tunnel Waher (AQUA TUNNEL)



High Capacity Tunnel Washer for Caging & General Utensils The Aqua Tunnel is designed to achieve the highest possible cage washing volumes without compromising our environmental goals. It has been designed to clean, sanitize & dry cages & utensils used in animal research laboratories, with effective waste removal & high levels of water & energy conservation.


• Chambers & filter made from polished stainless steel AISI 304.


• Service access from one side allows easy access to all machine components.


• Visual inspection windows on the service side makes viewing easy any time through HST glass windows & grants easy access to the chamber interior.


• Extremely smooth chamber surface, welded without pockets & folds assures a perfect drain.


• An innovative washing system technology that ensures high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure, offering consistently tested & efficient washing-rinsing performances, resulting in high hourly throughput up to 1200 cages an hour.



- Self cleaning rinse filter

- Steam condenser

- Exhaust fan

- Monitored alkaline detergent system

- Monitored acid detergent system

- Deskilling agent injection

- Rinse agent injection

- pH neutralizing

- Printer

- Waste separation into pre-washing tank


5 phase treatment cycle.

1 pre-wash

2 chemical wash

3 pre-rinse

4 final fresh hot water rinse

5 hot air drying system

On request extra modules can be added for customized solutions.


Final rinse water is recycled into pre-rinse & from pre-rinse into pre-wash for water & energy conservation. Jewel can provide a complete Facility Planning service to support Lab Managers in customised fitouts within existing facilities or for new projects. These solutions combine a wealth of knowledge in washing systems, automation, caging & understanding of the many other elements included in Lab Animal facilities.

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