Thermodisinfector Tunnel Washer (AQUA TTD)



Multi Chamber Cage Washer & Dinsinfector is specially designed for processing a high rate of cages & utensils in restricted space. It improves staff productivity & efficiency, saves time & has reduced energy consumption.


The operation is simple: a scanner automatically reads the barcodes, selects the relevant washing program & runs through the different washing/drying cycles under Jeweltronic control. The machine is equipped with a PLC control unit & a 20” Colour Touch Screen display with 100 disinfection programs stored as standard.


• Modular flexibility. Machine is designed from 2 up to 5 chambers, depending on throughput requirements. On request, extra modules can be added, even after installation to adapt AQUA TTD to new future needs.


• Independent chambers improve throughput by processing multiple cycles simultaneously.


• Loading-unloading areas provided with fully automatic conveyors.


• HST glass sliding doors between each chamber prevent any carryover of contamination from the  chambers.


• Validation port at each chamber.


• Tank connection of external measuring sensors.


• 2 heavy stainless steel vertically installed washing pumps, into each washing/disinfection chamber, ensure high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure & facilitates a complete drain of the washing circuit.


3 washing stages example

1 Loading conveyor

2 Washing chamber

3 Disinfection chamber at 90°C

4 Drying chamber

5 Unloading conveyor

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