Bottle Washing and Filling Machine (H20 SYSCO)

Bottle Washing and Filling Machine



Fully Automatic Water Bottle Emptying, Washing, Filling & Capping The H²0 SYSCO is a complete unit capable of automatically performing every cycle of water bottle processing. Being very compact & user friendly it is by far the most advanced unit available & can be integrated into pass through applications & complete automation reaching production capacities from 630 to  1150 bottles / hour.


• Capacity to process up to 35 bottle crates (630 bottles) an hour with single water rinsing tank & 64 bottle crates (1150 bottles) with double water rinsing tanks.


• Chamber entirely made of polished stainless steel AISI 316 L, external body of AISI 304 Independent washing & rinsing systems in separated chambers.


• Water filtering / RO unit / UV unit optional.


• Washing & rinsing chambers provided with three interlocked sliding doors for barrier application.


• Automatic sliding glass door for chamber control. Individual nozzles for full bottle coverage in washing & rinsing chambers.


• Washing & rinsing chambers provided with breather pipe.


• Extraction fan to evacuate condensation & vapour, available as optional.


• Sterilization systems via Acidification / Chlorination available.


Cap remover Benefits

Totally automatic loading table removes risk of OHS issues with manual loading. All Caps are collected automatically in a draw below the automatic remover, for easy removal. The Cap Drawer can be equipped with an ultrasonic Cap Washing system. (optional).

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