Bottle Fillters (H20 PRO)


For facilities with many Bottle Types, a budget & need for speed. Fill any bottle crate within 4 seconds, adapts to any existing sinks & can be used with any water system. The fastest most accurate filling everytime!


Fills ANY size bottles and crates in seconds. The most versatile of all bottle fillers. Can be connected to existing sinks or combined with a sink, filler and water treatment solution all within a cabinet. Contact your local representative for more information.


• Complete s/steel 316 construction.


• Fills ALL bottle crates in under 4 seconds.


• Can be incorporated into any existing bottle systems.


• Only requires air connection 700kpa & standard


• Single Phase 240VA 50Hz power. Optionally run off bottled air where an air supply is not available.


• Large ROI benefits (return on investment)


• Compatible with Acidification, Chlorination, DI,


• RO, UV water treatment systems.

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