Safe Lock Doors (ASJSLD)

Safe Lock Doors


Key features


• The doors can be made of stainless steel AISI 316 L with glass inspection window or in the smart full glass door version which can be chosen both right or left sliding. Doors can be opened through push-button, badge or any other kind of device that can be chosen by the Customer.


• Opening push-buttons and unlocking safety devices assure a fast opening in case of  emergency.


• Perfect tightness is given by the gaskets which are operated by a PLC. The system is also interfaced with a system for the access control. Jewel Safe Lock Doors have been thought to give to our Customers a flexible and customized solution for any application where perfect tightness and safety measures are a must. The glass is available also in red colour which prevents small animals such as mice and rats to be disturbed by normal activities of human beings.

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