AccuPoint System (ASLM-046A)

AccuPoint System


Real-Time ATP Cleaning Validation and Tracking System for the Health Care Industry


Verify your sanitation programs are working

The AccuPoint ATP Monitoring System is based on the measurement of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a substance found in all living cells.


• Skin, bodily fluids and microbes all contain ATP


• After cleaning, the amount of ATP that remains is a direct indication of cleaning effectiveness


What AccuPoint HC Can Offer

• Consistent, reliable test results remove subjectivity from evaluations
• Actionable data - no need to send to lab and wait for results
• Documentation of cleanliness levels
• Trend spotting for certain areas or equipment - fix issues before they become a major problem
• Results can be used for training demonstrations of best cleaning practices
• Audit support


The AccuPoint system provides consistent, reliable test results and accurate record keeping to maximize the effectiveness of your sanitation programs.

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