Angle Two Stereotaxic Instrument W/RAT Atlas (ASLMDSI601)



Product Overview:
This model includes the rat head holder and atlas software for the rat. The Angle Two Stereotaxic Instrument is the most technologically advanced animal stereotaxic instrument commercially available. This model includes the rat atlas and rat head holder. Other species can be added. The superior features of the Angle Two are both cost and time effective. Risk of human error is greatly  reduced. The neuroscientist can improve the rigor and interpretability of stereotaxic research without adding heavy calculations or risk of error to the protocol, and using fewer animals.


The Angle Two Stereotaxic Instrument makes it practical to do every surgery from a different approach angle without loss of accuracy or time. This enables the researcher to avoid the confound that occurs when every surgery follows the same path to the target. Accuracy and time saving features include Virtual Skull Flat (no trial and error, the instrument corrects exactly for deviation from skull flat orientation), and atlas integration. The instrument is fully integrated with a mouse, rat and/or hamster atlas, via a computer monitor. Scroll the atlas plates, and click on the desired target, or manually enter your target coordinates. Touch at Bregma and click, and the instrument will show you how far to move along each linear axis to reach that desired target, correcting for tilt and rotation of the manipulator. Touch Lambda, and it will show you how to each the target given head tilt, and tilt and rotation of the manipulator. A marker will show you the  path through brain of the probe tip.


The Angle Two allows the researcher to perform the following:

- View and select target from atlas

- Perform angled surgeries from any tilt or rotation without calculations

- Correct for head tilt

- Store target coordinates in an icon

- Continuously monitor progression of the probe through coronal plates of the atlas



• Fewer animals needed due to reduced risk of human error, and accuracy enhancing features in the software, such as Virtual Skull Flat.


• More hits on target, less waste of time testing animals on which the target was missed.


• Visual display of path to be followed through brain.


• Targets can be stored as icons on screen, and recalled by a click.


• Faster bilatereral surgeries, switch sides with a click.


• Printed report at end of experiment, showing atlas coordinates arrived at for each animal.


• Electrical noise is negligible, which makes the Angle Two well suited for even sensitive electrophysiology


• Low-Mounted Fine Drive on the dorsal/ventral drive


• Includes an Alignment kit for accurate initial setup of 3 orthogonal axes.


• Angle Two upgrades are available for your existing Angle Two and most other commercial animal stereotaxic instruments.


• 10 micron resolution.


The Angle Two for rat includes the stereotaxic instrument with rat head holder (and both sets of earbars, 45 and 18 degrees) and standard corner clamp probe holder, a computer with 17" monitor, keyboard and mouse, and installed PCI cards and software.

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